Services to private companies


Our services help companies to fulfill their legal obligations and to improve their environmental performance.

Environmental authorizations

  • Assistance in obtaining licences, permits and other statutory procedures related to environmental matters
  • Comprehensive assistance in drafting and processing requests for the Integrated Environmental Authorisation

Sustainable production

  • Comprehensive guidance for industries on the application of best available techniques (BATs)
  • Guidance  for bringing existing installations into line with IPPC regulations
  • Identification of ecological enhancements (new advanced environmental technologies)

Carbon footprint

  • Corporate Carbon footprint according to ISO 14064.
  • Product Carbon footprint according to ISO 14067.

Environmental reports

  • Annual reporting of emissions for the E-PRTR
  • Environmental Declaration
  • Environmental Reports
  • Sustainability Reports

Environmental impact

  • Environmental Impact Studies of landfills and companies

Environmental liability

  • Analysis of environmental risks
  • Assessment of environmental costs
  • Advice on civil liability insurance to cover damage to the environment
  • Emergency plans


  • Energy audits
  • Audits of energy management systems
  • Energy management systems (ISO 50001)

Environmental management

  • Environmental management systems (ISO 14001, EMAS)
  • Adaptation of environmental management systems to ISO 14001 (2015)
  • Audits of environmental management systems

Other services to private companies

We provide a wide range of advice services, specific studies and support to private companies in different areas related to the improvement of their environmental performance.

  • Use of timber from sustainable managed forests
  • Studies of statutory requirements in various countries
  • Support in the preparation of environmental aspects of international bids
  • Training of personnel

(see also contaminated land and legal advice)


  • Technical and legal advice to several companies on new soil contamination regulations.
  • Technical support for environmental compliance in companies in various sectors.
  • Comprehensive assistance in drafting and processing requests for Integrated Environmental Authorisation for companies in various sectors (waste managers, electroplating, food, textile, printing and ceramics).
  • Study of BREF documents and assessment of the relative performance of Basque companies in several industrial sectors.
  • Compliance audits in different industrial sectors.
  • Implementation of environmental management systems in companies in various industrial sectors (steelworks, foundries, rolling stock, aeronautics, automotive, processed metal products, assemblies…).
  • Implementation and maintenance of the chain of custody in the timber sector through Sustainable Forestry Management (Basque Country)
  • Implementation of an energy management system according to UNE-EN ISO 50001:2011 in a manufacturer of metallic products.
  • Comprehensive environmental services for a waste management company
  • Training courses on the Environmental Information Management System of the Basque Government, IKS-eeM
  • Comprehensive environmental services for a manufacturer of lifts.
  • Technical and legal assistance in the preparation of the environmental aspects of a train manufacturer´s bid for an international train construction contract.
  • Environmental risk analysis according to the Real Decreto 2090/2008 for a manufacturer of metallic products
  • Environmental risk analysis for a steelworks according to the Real Decreto 2090/2008
  • Identification of the applicable environmental legislation and its specific requirements, for several industrial companies
  • Chain of custody in the timber sector for the sustainable management of forests
  • Continuous service of identifying new and existing environmental legislation applicable to companies in several sectors (including waste managers, steel, railways, electroplating, foundries, ceramics…).