Legal advice


We help industries to identify the legal requirements they must comply with and to respond to the requirements of the environmental authorities.

  • Legal advice in environmental issues.
  • Continuous service for identifying and interpreting legislation affecting the private sector.
  • Identification of specific legal requirements affecting companies.
  • Legal representation and support in proceedings filed by environmental authorities.
  • Legal brief and defence before environmental authorities.
  • Training on new legislation.
  • Legal audits, due diligence.


  • Technical-legal advice on new contaminated soil legislation for several companies.
  • Audits on compliance with legislation in different industrial sectors.
  • “Legescanes” (Legislation audit) for various sectors (agro-food, waste managers, manufacturers of electrical equipment…).
  • Continuous service for identifying and interpreting legislation applicable to  companies of various sectors (waste managers, steel production, train manufacturing, electroplating, foundry, ceramics,…).
  • Drafting of draft legislation on urban waste management  in Andalucia.