Advice and technical support to Government


We specialize in offering advice and technical support services to Government bodies in various areas related to the environment, such as in definition of legislation, policies, preparation of plans and programs, or technical studies in a variety of subjects.

Strategic advice

  • Strategic environmental plans
  • Definition of environmental policies.


  • Drafting legislation on environmental licensing processes.
  • Drafting legislation on contaminated soils.
  • Comprehensive technical, legal and financial advice for drawing up draft legislation and municipal bylaws of an environmental nature.
  • Comparative law studies and analysis of specific rules and their practical implications.

Environmental inventories

  • Reports on manufacturing sectors.
  • Technical assistance and support in emissions registers (wastes, air emissions, wastewater discharges, E-PRTR).
  • Development of quality assurance and control systems for drawing up emissions registers.
  • Validation and verification of register data.
  • Assessment of the impact on soil of specific sectors.

Modelling of atmospheric emissions

  • Modeling of atmospheric emissions: point sources, road traffic, results from inventories.

Sustainability policies

  • Assistance in securing Voluntary Agreements between Government and private companies.
  • Monitoring of Voluntary Agreements between Government and private companies.

Environmental inspections

  • Environmental inspections


  • Participation in the drafting of the basis for the Contaminated Soils Plan of the Basque Autonomous Community.
  • Following up of the Contaminated Soils Plan of the Basque Country 2007-2012 and preparation of the basis for a new strategy on soil protection.
  • Organization of a working group on the practical integration between Contaminated soils and urban planning.
  • Preparation of the Contaminated Soil Program for Andalucia.
  • Involvement in the drafting of the basis for the Basque Plan to Combat Climate Change.
  • Drafting of regulations regarding contaminated soils.
  • Preparation and description of the administrative procedures to declare the quality of soil in Andalucia.
  • Identification and design of models and instruments to finance the contaminated soil policy in the Basque Country.
  • Technical help line resolving queries on contaminated land issues (over several years).
  • Guidance for defining a sustainable production policy in different sectors.
  • Drafting of technical environmental regulations regarding chemical processing for the timber sector.
  • Development of technical requirements and drafting of technical regulations for the reuse of contaminated soils.
  • Guidance on how to respond to coastal oil spillages and drafting of a protocol for addressing such events.
  • Estimation of the costs caused by the oil spillage from the Prestige oil-tanker.
  • Manual for local authorities to prevent land contamination and manage contaminated sites.
  • Air and water emissions inventories for 2004 and 2005 of IPPC companies in the Basque Autonomous Community. Implementation of a quality assurance and control system for the Basque E-PRTR inventory.
  • Technical assistance for monitoring the voluntary agreement between the Basque Government’s Department of the Environment and companies in various industrial sectors: steel, cement, pulp and paper and chemicals.
  • Development of emission scenarios for air pollutants.
  • Preparation of the 2013 Non-hazardous wastes Inventory for the Basque Country.

Analysis of the procedure to declare the quality of the soil