Process optimization, minimization of waste and minimization of consumption


We conduct detailed analyses of the production process to identify and assess improvement options that reduce consumption of raw materials, water and energy, or waste production.

  • Analysis of the production process
  • Minimization of waste, raw material consumption, wastewater discharges, …
  • Improvement diagnoses, proposals on enhancement measures
  • Definition of control measures


  • Minimization of hazardous wastes: Management manual for the textile sector and for paint-generating activities in Castilla y León.
  • Centralised system for the recovery of metals from effluents in the electroplating sector.
  • “Ekoscanes” (Environmental audit) for companies in various manufacturing sectors.
  • Drafting of technical regulations for environmental performance in the timber chemical treatment sector.
  • Study on potential recyclers of industrial sub-products in the Basque Autonomous Community.