Soil decontamination


Decontamination and technical advice

  • Analysis of soil remediation alternatives
  • Design of soil remediation measures
  • Supervision of soil remediation measures
  • Feasibility studies of soil decontamination techniques
  • Soil decontamination projects
  • Soil remediation plans
  • Selective excavation plans
  • Reports on the effectiveness of soil remediation measures
  • Investigation of the quality of the soil remaining after remediation or excavation.
  • Design and execution of mitigation measures.
  • Soil contamination monitoring and control: design and execution
  • Turnkey projects regarding soil investigation and decontamination
  • Decontamination of industrial ruins

"In situ" Techniques

We collaborate with IEG-Technologie, a company with an extensive experience in using “in situ” soil and groundwater decontamination technologies. We apply the following technologies developed by IEG-Technologie:

LNAPL recovery
DNAPL recovery
Compact KS 1000 extractor
Compact KS 1000 extractor
Groundwater Circulation Well
Basic scheme
Flow in GCW system with standard circulation.
General flow model in a GCW (“reverse circulation”) modified by Mohrlok and col. In 2003
Several circulation modes.
Stacked groundwater circulation well
Basic scheme.
Vertically stacked Groundwater Circulation Well for biological and physical groundwater remediation (Stacked GCW process)
Soil circular flushing well
Reactive circulation well
In situ well stripping/Vacuum Vaporiser Well
Microbiologically enhanced GCW
Virtually Permeable Reactive Barriers.
Virtually Permeable Reactive Barriers (IEG vPRB) Vertical section.
In situ Chemical Oxidation and Reduction.
Coaxial Groundwater Aeration.
Vacuum Vapor Extraction.
Soil Air Circulation – Vacuum Vapour Extraction.
Thermally enhanced Soil Air Circulation.
Soil Air Circulation-Bioventing.
Multilevel Sampling Wells.
Vacuum Liquid Recovery.
Granular Activated Carbon Adsorbent Systems.
IEG GAC-Sorb 1000 system to absorb Volatile Organic Compounds

See also IEG Internancional


  • Study of soil decontamination, assessment of the contamination of buildings, and waste management at the former plant of Metalquímica del Nervión
  • Decontamination of the industrial ruins of a company manufacturing metal products
  • Detailed contaminated land investigation and decontamination of a derelict industrial site in Basauri
  • Supervision and execution of decontamination of the rocky shores in the Basque Country following the “Prestige” oil spill.
  • Geotechnical investigation and investigation of the industrial ruin in a company located in the town of Ermua (Bizkaia)
  • Environmental recovery of the industrial ruins of a former manufacturer of metal products located in Araba
  • Management and supervision of the application of a bioremediation agent to sediments of the River Magro, Valencia.
  • Optimization trial for bioremediation of the River Magro