Mission, Vision, Values


The mission of LIMIA & MARTÍN is to meet the needs of the Public Administration and private companies, and thereby society at large, with respect to the impact of human activities on the environment. We understand this concept to include the health of both people and ecosystems.

LIMIA & MARTÍN is a business venture that, in order to offer its customers a service of high value added, recognises the importance of providing its highly trained staff with a stimulating and rewarding working environment, excellent people and process management, and unsurpassed opportunities for continuous professional development.

Our main responsibility is to provide the guidance our customers need regarding environmental matters.

Our shareholders should receive a return that will ensure their commitment to the company.

Our suppliers and partners should receive a level of remuneration which encourages a lasting partnership with LIMIA & MARTÍN.


LIMIA & MARTÍN aims to be known on the international stage as an organisation providing reliable, high quality environmental services of high added value.


  • Market awareness
  • Adaptability to needs of customers and the market, actively seeking change
  • Ability to innovate, especially in services and markets
  • Ability to produce results despite the constraints of a rapidly changing legislative framework.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness: good use of resources, of which the most important is time
  • Excellent standard of internal and external reporting
  • Rigour in work, in terms of use of materials, methods, analysis and conclusions
  • Continual improvement
  • Team spirit

Permanent goals

LIMIA & MARTÍN has set several permanent goals, which underpin its mission and its quality and environmental policies on the basis of the more general principles detailed above. These goals cover several areas and are described below.

  • Customer service: improving customer awareness in environmental matters should be the aim and guiding principle in all operations undertaken by our company's staff.
  • Internal satisfaction: The goal at LIMIA & MARTÍN is to enable company staff to find a setting in which they can develop professionally to their satisfaction over the long term and where they may experience a sense of achievement within the professional sphere.
  • Professional development: The Management has the permanent goal of seeking the lifelong development and training of company staff in terms of performance and with a view to improving customer service.
  • Reporting: the goal at LIMIA & MARTÍN is that internal information and reporting between all staff will lead to their engagement, at the appropriate level, with the decision-making process, guide their everyday work and provide the organisation with the information required to meet people's needs.
  • Strategic management: the Company's strategic management should involve all those people in positions of responsibility, and should be relayed to the entire workforce.
  • Internal improvement: LIMIA & MARTÍN seeks to ensure that all company employees apply the concept of “continuous improvement” to all their activities, understanding this to be an attitude to work that constitutes a primary factor of motivation.
  • Efficiency: the ability to provide customers with a significant improvement for the lowest outlay is a permanent goal and one of the differentiating attributes of LIMIA & MARTIN regarding its competitors.
  • Innovation: innovation in services, markets, processes, methods, etc. is the means by which LIMIA & MARTIN enhances its position in the market place, continuously improving the service provided and increasing the value added to the customers of the company's permanent goals. Innovation is an integral component in the work of each person in LIMIA & MARTÍN.