Environmental Policy

The activities of LIMIA & MARTIN contribute to environmental protection directly, through the services provided to our clients. LIMIA & MARTIN also adopts environmental protection measures by assessing and limiting the impact of its own activities on the environment.

In order to enhance environmental protection, the management works closely with employees to develop environmental guidelines and targets:

  • We work to protect the environment through specific operational guidelines and targets, in each and every one of the operations and business areas of the company. Protecting the environment requires us all to carry out our activities responsibly.
  • Our environmental management system ensures that legal requirements in matters of environmental protection are taken into account in all of the company's decisions, and ensures that the necessary measures are applied. We pledge to comply with these legal requirements.
  • Our efforts are geared principally towards training, empowering and motivating our employees in environmental matters, because our staff are the key to achieving customer satisfaction, and towards developing better working methods.
  • We provide those interested with relevant environmental information on our company. Our environmental policy is public. We will provide a copy to any individual or organization requesting one.
  • We understand legal requirements to be a statement of minimums and at all levels of the company we aspire to a greater degree of environmental protection.

Management and employees in all areas of the company are responsible for the rigorous and efficient development of environmental guidelines and targets within the Environmental Management System.