LIMIA & MARTÍN was created in 1993 with a view to advising industries in the then nascent field of environmental management.

From the first, it began working within the sphere of contaminated land and advising industries on how to minimise the generation of waste and their consumption of raw materials and water.

Since then, LIMIA & MARTIN has contributed to improving society's environmental performance and has made its presence felt through its involvement in some of the more significant projects undertaken in the Basque Country, in areas such as the fight against the pollution caused by the oil-slick from the oil tanker Prestige, improvement in the environmental performance of industries, efforts to reduce soil contamination, the sustainable management of the forestry business and atmospheric emissions inventories for industries.

We have a track record of international projects aimed at streamlining environmental licensing processes. We have enlarged our scope of services through agreements with international partners to carry out “in situ” soil remediation technologies.

Our efforts have earned us the trust of numerous industries and government bodies, giving us the experience and specialist environmental staff to continue to demonstrate our commitment to the preservation of the environment.