How we work

Our know-how

LIMIA & MARTIN prioritises its customers' environmental objectives. We do so on a project-by-project basis, requiring extremely high standards, detail and precision in the development of each project.
We customize this approach to each customer's specific needs, based on prior analysis and diagnosis of these needs.

Our approach

Our success is down to the teamwork of a multidisciplinary group of professionals, our experience, and the close working relationship with our customers which results from personalised service, approachability and a commitment to achieving their objectives.

Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement

Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement requires us to constantly adapt to changes in our environment.  LIMIA & MARTÍN staff know that this is one of the things that make us different, and work according to the principles of innovation and the efficiency. This enables us to provide significant improvements on an ongoing basis through a service of high value added.

Our status as environmental experts

Our core mission is to provide specialist guidance and know-how. Environmental expertise is the essence of our business. We apply a policy of continuous improvement to our workforce, continually updating all areas of our work:

  • Current legislation and regulations in environmental matters
  • Industry, industrial processes and related issues regarding the protection of the environment
  • The impact of human activities on health and ecosystems
  • Scientific and technical know-how in our fields of expertise
  • The stakeholders in environmental issues (government, businesses, trade associations, etc)